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How Environmental Toxins Effect Behavior in Autistic Children PDF Print E-mail

with Milly Holliday, RN

Tuesday, the 27th of May 2008

Judy: Hello Everyone, The topic of tonights chat is "How Environmental Toxins Effect the Behavior of Autistic Children". Ms. Millie Holiday, is a registered nurse who heads Quintessential Health Care. She has done extensive work with Autistic Children, children with ADHD and those with neurological disorders.

Judy: Welcome Ms. Holiday

Millicent Ho: Good evening every one glad to be with you.

Judy: Lets begin with the question. What would constitute an environmental toxin?

Millicent Ho: This is a huge topic we wont be able to cover much bet lets get started.

Millicent Ho: Enviromental Toxins can be things as sumple as plastics, food additives, like food coloring to fluride in your drinking water to name but a few.

Millicent Ho: There are 77,00 chemicals in production in north America 3,000 of these are added to our food supply so food contains MANY chemicals.

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metroatl1317: Are there particular foods that contain more chemical than others

Millicent Ho: Sometimes we don't realize the effects of the chemicals because you cant smell them and the effects come on slowly but more and more in this day we see a huge impact to our children.

Judy: How would you know if toxins, such as food toxins, are effecting your child?

Millicent Ho: Definately there are particular food like cold meats that contain a lot of nitrates, and all your foods that are colored, like gatorade etc., and all the food that are processed and down the isles of the supermarkets in boxes.

Millicent Ho: You need to observe for changes in behaviour sometimes after eating suger your child my become hyperactive, they can also become very sleepy or aggrissive. If you know to watch for these thigs you will see the changes happening.

Millicent Ho: Also children can exhibit stomach problems or have diarrhea, all of these things could give you clews.

Judy: Are there other symptoms of environmental toxins?

metroatl1317: Changing he or she diet is that one of the things that is recommend

Millicent Ho: So many, like the multiple skin disorders we see in so many children today and then of course ALL the neurological deficits we see from learning disorders to autism. All of these in my view give indication of mutliple chemical sensitivities.

Millicent Ho: Most american children have 400 to 800 chemicals stored in there bodies before even 2 years of age.

Millicent Ho: The trouble with pesticides for instance which is very often detected in children is that it mimics hormones and then disrupts thyroid function which leads to all kinds of complications.

Millicent Ho: Obesity is one of those factors, fatigue, headaches depression and so many more.

Millicent Ho: Accoring to the Columbia University School of Public Health 95% of all cancer is caused by chemicals toxins of one sort or another.

Millicent Ho: These chemicals also affect the immune system making children more likely to get viral infections.

Millicent Ho: Does anyone have any other questions I'd be happy to answer.

Millicent Ho: Why don't we go onto to question # 3 then.

Judy: Why are autistic children more sensitive to environmental toxins?

Millicent Ho: Judy do you have question # 3?

Millicent Ho: Great dont know why it did not come through but from my observation autistic children have such a high level of inflammation affecting all the systems of there bodies that they are far more sensitive to added chemical toxic exposure.

Millicent Ho: Are there any parents with autistic children in the chat room?

Judy: I have a child with aspergers

Millicent Ho: metroatl1317 are you a parent?

metroatl1317: yea

metroatl1317: yea

Judy: do you think the sensitivity begins at birth or later such as around 2

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Millicent Ho: That I know is a challenge Judy and even for parent who don't have children on the spectrum, we need to be concerned about the impact of chemical toxins. I do think some of the sensitivity begins at birth, but it's impacted by what we do in the first 2 years of life dramatically.

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Millicent Ho: I recomend that all mother who seek my assistance detoxify before they get ready to have a child.

Judy: what do you think parents should do the first couple of years of life?

metroatl1317: Diets do that play a large part on the child

Millicent Ho: Good question. I think we need to do what nature intended us to do and first off breast feed our babies and don't give as many chemicals in whatever form to new born babies.

Judy: how does one detoxify

Millicent Ho: Diet plays a huge part because of all the chemicals in food. I'd eat organic where possible and eat whole food not processed food which sometimes means changing ones life style. But it's always for the better.

Millicent Ho: I usually recommend a sumple herbal cleanse which works wonderfully and is very gentle and safe.

Millicent Ho: There are a couple of books that you may find interesting and they are The Toxic Sandbox by Libby McDonald.

Millicent Ho: Also Evidence of Harm written by David kirby.

Millicent Ho: do any of you know about these books?

Judy: Would these books also guide you on detoxifying your child as well as yourself?

metroatl1317: how often do you or should you do the cleanse

Millicent Ho: These book give you invaluable information about making the changes that will enhaunce your life and I usually recommend that a person detox in the spring and in the fall. So nows a good time.

dapper11: Is there a diet plan to reverse autism

Millicent Ho: Something to think about is fluride in the water and then there is also a lot of talk these days about using glass not plastic.

dapper11: before a certain age like can a 2 yr old be reverse if he gets on the diet plan

Millicent Ho: I dont know that a diet plan could reverse autism but it can assist to lesson the ill effects of it. The customary gluten and casein free diet is very effective, but I find that staying off wheat, sugar and dairy very helpful as well.

Millicent Ho: Even with a young child I think they often need additional therapy like occupational therapy and I find that homeopathic detoxification works wonderfully well with these nchildren.

Millicent Ho: Sorry bad spelling and bad typing!!!

dapper11: what age can they be determined they have autism

Millicent Ho: Any parent with a child with autism or aspergers should read evidence of harm.

cindy: how do you introduce such a structured diet to children, when most of there lives have been survival foods

Millicent Ho: It's usually detected around age 15 to 18 months.

Millicent Ho: Children seem to have less of a problem often than adults, but it can be tricky and one can just do the best one can.

Millicent Ho: It's very much worth the effort though.

cindy: do you have suggestion for school lunches?

Millicent Ho: I would make your childs school lunches and there is a resource from Sonya Bell in you liberary that covers this topic wonderfully.

dapper11: Is the diet the same for autism and adhd

Millicent Ho: Pretty much, I find they both respond well to the same diet.

dapper11: how soon will you see the results once they start on the diet and would you need to stop the meds or meds and diet both

Millicent Ho: Make changes little by little and really the diet could benefit your whole family. I recommend everyone does it so that the children don't feel they're been punished.

Millicent Ho: No don't stop meds they will still do well even while on there meds.

Millicent Ho: I usually see results within 3 to 6 months but that also with homeopathic detoxification.

cindy: how do you teach the children not to eat some of the foods that they would be served at friends homes?

Millicent Ho: You have to speak to the Moms and let the child know that he/she will feel worse if they eat those foods. Kids are really smart and they often tell the parents...I cant eat such and such. As they feel better it becomes easier for them.

Millicent Ho: I also let them have treats like something special once a week.

Millicent Ho: Also there are so many good subsitutes now like sprouted wheat bread and organic soy milk or rice milk.

dapper11: Is deli meat the best

Millicent Ho: We need to get into the habit of looking at labels. even deli meat has a lot of nitrates in it which is not good and often MSG as well. I recommend and I do this myself buying a turkey breast and roasting it myself, or getting roast beef and roasting it and then slicing it for my family.

dapper11: do you have like a top ten list of what foods to avoid

Judy: We only have a few minutes left. If you have a question please ask now.

Millicent Ho: Lets see...white bread, white rice, white sugar, white milk (no other kind is there!!) american cheese, articifial sweetners like splenda, sweet and low etc., all the boxed foods.

Millicent Ho: Buy vegies and cook them, so much more to say here but thank you all for your time.

Judy: Ms. Holiday, Thank you for sharing such a wealth of information. I am sure we all will read lables more.


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